February 03, 2008

A cordless stick vac that swept me off my feet.

At our house, the laundry room, pantry, half bath, and entrance from the garage are high-traffic areas that need a floor touch-up on a daily basis. The cat litter box necessitates dragging out the broom and dustpan every day, to keep from feeling like we're walking on the beach. Another problem is that I deal with two different floor coverings - some vinyl and some carpet - so a broom alone won't cut it.

Enter the Dirt Devil Quick Power cordless stick vac. This lightweight little devil has a rotating brush so it works on carpet, or you can turn the brush off for hard surface floors. On vinyl, it easily picks up scattered litter, and on carpet it does a good job of picking up pet hair. Its bagless design allows me to empty the collection thingy after every sweep. I just wipe it out with a damp paper towel after dumping and put it right back on, so it's ready the next day (or in the next few minutes, depending). I keep it plugged in so it's always ready, and have never run out of a charge. The low cost was another selling point for me. At just around $30, I felt like the risk was relatively low, and I have been very happy with its performance for that price. Before, it would take me several minutes to run the broom around the vinyl floor and sweep sweep sweep. The carpeted area would only get attention every few days at the most. Now, in a matter of minutes (literally) I've got both vinyl and carpet looking neat and clean.

I don't expect this stick vac to do the job of my big vacuum. But it is perfect for what I use it for - speedy touchups every day.

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