May 02, 2008

Another reason I love L.L.Bean - the guarantee is really real.

I have said many times how much I love L.L. Bean. I love love love their Boat and Tote Bags, and now have one in just about every size. I have praised their Double L Polos, for both men and women. I have been enthralled with many of their home accessories. All the stuff is downright charming. None of it is what I would consider "high fashion," and that's kinda the point.

Anyway, a while back I ordered a pair of Kathadin Khakis out of the clearance section of the site. Must have been a discontinued color, but the price was right and they looked like something The Bob would wear to run around in. He was only a little dubious at first, because they were sort of a cross between a jean, a work pant, and his old khaki standbys. The heavy duty fabric was tough, but not rough. The fit was relaxed. But, believe it or not, with the right shirt or sweater they were decent enough to wear to a casual dinner out. Superb. Home run. They became his favorite pants, seeing more action than even his comfy jeans.

But, a few months later the riveted button thingy broke. Just broke right off. I have never ever had a problem with a Bean product, so I was surprised. But there was no fixing it. I told the near-inconsolable man that I would see what I could do.

I have an account on Bean's web site, so I went online and found the record of the order, and sent a short email to the company explaining what happened, referencing the order, and asking how to go about getting a replacement pair. A few days later I received an email that "my order" had shipped.

They sent me another pair in the same size and color, no questions asked. Bob was happy. I was happy. Bean has a devoted customer for life.

Not many companies stand by their products like that. That's yet another reason I love L.L. Bean.

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