November 03, 2006

My FIRST Holiday Decorating Purchase – Handhooked Rug from L.L.Bean®

Check out my first (of many) holiday decorating purchase. The Vacationland Hooked Rug from the Holiday Gift Shop at L.L.Bean. I first spotted these in the catalog I received in the mail, but went to the website and found they had many more designs to choose from.

These are absolutely adorable, with a very cool, nostalgic vibe. They're very thick and rich in feel, and look like they cost a lot more than their retail price of $19.50. I am very tempted to order another one (or two!) for the house for this Christmas. I chose "Mountainside," which looks great with our "cabin in the woods" holiday decor.

L.L.Bean comes through for me every time! Go check out their other deals in the Holiday Gift Shop!

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