July 27, 2006

L.L.Bean Double L® Polos. I have never found a better value in a polo.

Bob is a "polo and khakis" kind of guy. Always has been. But, most of his polos had seen better days. Much better. Not that he didn't have name brands hanging in the closet, he did, but in looking through them there were several things I noticed. After they had been washed a million times, most of them faded and had some pilling. Also, on many of the polos the collars developed a weird stiffness and some had permanent creasing that I couldn't beat out of them with a hammer.

I started looking for the perfect polo for Bob. Something soft, with a classic cut (none of that "athletic cut" for him), that could run through the wash and come out looking perfect every time. I of course thought I was dreaming, until I decided to try a few Double L Polos from LLBean. I got him three colors to start with, a gray, a mustard and navy.

Everything LLBean says about this polo is dead-on. Not only do they have a really soft feel, but they maintain that softness wash after wash. They did not shrink one bit, and they come out of the dryer wrinkle-free (they do have an actual wrinkle free style, but I just went for the regular ones as shown). Bob loves the way they feel, and I LOVE the price: $17.50. In my opinion they are preferable to the RL polos he had, and at less than half the price.

I'm going back for more today, and I am going to try one of the women's versions for myself. How can you go wrong with a classic from LLBean!?

Update (8/10): I finally received my LLBean Double L polo for women. Just exactly the same soft feel and nice drape as the men's version. The description says that it is slightly fitted and cut for women, but it is definitely boxier than the more contemporary women's polos out there. However, I liked it for its retro/classic feel. Because it is relaxed and comfortable, will be the perfect golf shirt with walking shorts or cropped pants, and it looks just as cute with jeans. I recommend it.

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