April 26, 2009

Time to glow - sunless tanning moisturizers compared

I don't go to tanning – the truth is I have never even been in a tanning bed. I don't lay out much, and, much to The Bob's chagrin, when I do it's always after I have dipped myself in SPF 30 (his comment is, "what's the point?"). I'm a fair skinned, blue eyed person, and I don't like getting sunburned. Also I would like my face to stay in decent shape, meaning that time will naturally take its toll - I don't need to speed up the process.


But this time of year, when arms and legs start coming out from under layers of clothes for the first time in months, I would prefer my skin not blind people. I would like just a little color to take the edge off.


But, for the reasons stated above, I am not going to start tanning. And I am also a complete klutz when it comes to self tanners. That's why, when they came out with the gradual-tanner-slash-moisture lotion, I thought, "woo hoo this is for me." Apply like moisturizer, and a color builds gradually over time.


the Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer wasn't doing it for me. I was using the kind for fair skin tones, applying every day as recommended, and maybe maaaaybe saw a tiny bit of color difference. But, the biggest, hugest drawback that eventually became a deal breaker for me was the SMELL. I could not focus on the end goal because I was so self conscious about smelling like self tanner all day long! Boy, I wish perfume could last as long as that stuff did. To be fair, I went on drugstore.com just to see if any reviewers had the same complaint and sure enough, many said the smell of the lotion was just too strong and too "self tanner ish."


Then I tried Avon's
SKIN SO SOFT Satin Glow Firming Body Moisturizer. Based on my experience with the Jergens lotion I was doubtful. But since I am now an Avon rep, I want to try as many products as I can, so I can give honest reviews and comparisons. (And, yes, sell good products to people who need them.)

Without a doubt my biggest rave about the Sin So Soft product is that it does not have even the teeniest "self tanner" smell to it. It actually smells GOOD. I put it on in the morning after my shower, and my skin feels very moisturized. I have used it for about a week now and my skin is gradually getting a little darker. I also notice that after using it my skin has a more firm feel, a sensation I can't quite verbalize, but it is noticeable.

Another benefit to
SKIN SO SOFT Satin Glow Firming Body Moisturizer is that it has sun protection built in – SPF 15. Perfect for me for everyday use. The Jergens lotion has no sun protection.

Price-wise, they are comparable. On drugstore.com Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer is $7.99 for a 7.5 fl. oz. tube. (They are running a special on Jergens products - buy one get one 1/2 off.)

On my Avon site, you can get 8.4 fl. oz. of SKIN SO SOFT Satin Glow Firming Body Moisturizer for $6.99. A larger size for less than the regular price of Jergens. You can read customer reviews of this lotion on my site as well.


If you want a little glow, a little firming, and sun protection all in one great moisturizing lotion, ditch the smelly tanners and try SKIN SO SOFT Satin Glow Firming Body Moisturizer.


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Sarah Powell said...

I love organic cosmetics. It is great that all manufacturers are beginning to become green.

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