April 11, 2009

Why I think it's time for Avon

It has been six months since I last posted, and there are many reasons for it, not the least of which is just life happens. Also, I have been seriously considering where I want to take this blog, and what it comes down to is that I believe there are many wonderful blogs covering crafts, decorating, recipes, and tips as well as, or better, than I can. In the end I have a passion for helping people get answers, and find ways to make their lives easier or more enjoyable, but I may be transitioning this blog into something new that is more encompassing of what that really means in a way that goes beyond just "home ec" topics.

So, until that plan comes together, I wanted to fill you in on what's new here.

I just became an Independent Sales Representative for Avon. And you may be wondering WHY!?

Well, besides being a woman who grew up with Avon (what woman growing up in the 70s didn't?), there are a couple of big reasons, and I thought I'd share.

I recently went to an In-Store Marketing Institute seminar (for my day job), a three day event that brings together retailers, marketing professionals, and manufacturers to share industry trends, news, and strategies to market to "shoppers" - which is all of us!! A major topic in every session I attended was the economy and how it is affecting our shopping behavior. Apparently I'm not the only one that is cutting back and returning to the basics in order to save money. While brands and marketers are out there trying to figure out how to get us to spend our precious few dollars, we are just trying to figure out how to pay the bills without having to give up anything we need.

This is one of the big reasons I decided to become an Avon rep. These are great products and great values. Don't believe me? Email me and I will send you a chart comparing Avon products with some department store brands - including some I used - that will show you exactly how much you will be saving if you switch. Here's an example. I used Clinique repairwear anti-aging makeup, with spf 15, which retails for $28.50. I'm switching to Avon's Anew Age Transforming foundation, also spf 15, that costs $12.50. That is a $16 savings!

I know most women are like me... we love to save money. And when you can save money and not really be giving up on quality, why NOT do it? If it's been a while since you have looked at what Avon has to offer (beauty products, really cool perfume, personal care stuff, kids things, jewelry, clothing, etc etc), just go visit my site at http://www.youravon.com/pollyking.

The truth is, being an Avon rep goes directly to my core desire to help people get what they need and solve some daily problems in a way that frees them up to really focus on what's important in life.

Look for more from me soon.

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